Trading Tip #17: The Differences of Investing in Stocks and Cryptocurrencies

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  1. Always love watching your vlogs Nick, I always learn something positive.

  2. Thanks for the video! My stock index fund has been lackluster for the amount of capital I put in it. I've been watching this video over and over as I go through the decision to move positions around towards cryptocurrencies. I still have to decide on a good HODL portfolio for next 3-5 years. Love your channel and keep it up!

  3. jan-Jelle Teppema

    Yo Nick, more book recommendations? Thanks again!

  4. I have watched a number of you Investing Tip vids but I have not heard you talk about Fees. A beginner will get crushed if they dont understand the loss they take depositing Fiat Currency to an exchange and the fees associated with trading itself. They may think "great! investment xyz is up 15%" when in reality they never accounted for the associated fees. If there is a video on this please send link otherwise you should really cover this topic.

  5. Trading forex/binary options can be so easy with much earnings when you have the right broker and strategy for your trades, even as a newbie, i have had a good experience with $10k weekly earnings because Mr Scott Adrian's is my account manager, his strategy is the best and can never be compared to another.

  6. Hey Nick,
    I've seen that you always sell your crypto in portions (25%, 50%, 25% etc.). You also talk alot about setting stop-limits (and raising them as the price goes up)
    Why would it be better to set sell positions on the top side, instead of only raising your stoploss while the market raises?

  7. cover power please!!!!

  8. Now diversify…. Buy $SUB now before product launch!! #longterminvesting

  9. Hi Nick or community,You talk about diversifying and 90+% of present crypto won’t be around in the years to come.If you were to pick a solid handful of different cryptos for the long run, which would you pick? Based on their survival.Eg: Bitcoin, Etha, bitcoin2x, neo, lite coin, doge, ripple, …..?

  10. MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

    Nicolas cage coin is going to be huge.

  11. Another Difference with Cryptocurrency and Traditional stocks.

    Traditional stocks have dividend payouts every quarter or whenever company has a particularly good year. With the exception of NEO and GAS, all cryptos don't generate interest/pay out until one sells them.

    Traditional stocks have rights issues enabling stock holders to buy extra stocks at low prices. Cryptos don't. Eg Having Bitcoin doesn't entitle one to Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin GOld unless supported.

  12. Just show me three altcoins, which would have consistently reduced the risk of holding BTC exclusively since August. Diversification doesn't work, because BTC is half the market and everything is tied to it. Man, my initial diversification I made in September with the top 5 was my biggest mistake!

  13. #longterminvesting i love this # movement

  14. Nick love the videos. You're one of the most knowledgable out there. Some quick advice though – try changing the titles of your videos to something more interesting and eye-catching. I know it sounds kind of cynical, but titles can often bring in new viewers and dictate the number of views you get. Just a thought 🙂

  15. Great video, Nick!

  16. I don't dare going into the crypto currency, I'm confused about how to create a wallet and buy and sell the currency for euros.

  17. Hey Nick can you send alerts when you sell too?

  18. Love your trading tips! They have helped me out enormously and I try to remember them whenever i trade. I would love if you could give a guideline on where to set limit losses whenever i place an order.

  19. Hey Nick, a quick tip. Spend some of the millions you're making on some better lighting. What you're using now makes you look terrible. Take it to the next level of production quality with about $100. Love the videos!

  20. Hi Nick, thanks for the very informative videos. I've recently bought a small amount of cryptos and have a couple miners on the way and will look to be paid out in various currencies. One question I have from watching the video is when you talk about setting stops to sell. Do you set the stop to sell for USD or bitcoin? Or something else? Thanks

  21. well the people that only held btc are winning now compared to this hodl and diversify people. look at how much alts have fallen because of btc bull run. i say 50 percent in btc, 40 percent in eth, 20 percent in any of this coins,dash,monero,litecoin,ten x,omg,METAL. also swing trade your btc whenever possible , and use your eth to flip icos whenever an opportunity presents itself.. any gains must be reinvested for compounding.

  22. Excellent video Nick! I just made the mistake of not setting a stop loss on my BTC/VTC and now I have to regain control on that trade. Excellent and very wise advice!

  23. Good considered discussion – but I think that your analogy of stocks and crypto can only take you so far.

    Stocks have metrics like earnings, expenses and assets to back up their valuations, and they run in a whole gamut of industries so that it's possible to get diversification by holding different stocks. If I want real diversification in stocks I can buy an ETF, or series of ETFs, of even the Vanguard Total World Stock ETF.

    Crypto is different. A share is partial ownership of a company and it's future profits, while a crypto token is no such thing. It's speculation on the possible future of a token, but there are no earnings of dividends that will accrue. Accordingly, all these tokens rise and fall on public sentiment and individual token news. And importantly, there is not a single crypto token that will perform well if bitcoin plummets. If BTC halves then altcoin will follow suit and probably be hit even harder.

    BTC is 55%+ of the crypto market cap, it effectively IS the index of crypto.

  24. How old is this guy I thought he was in high school???

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  26. can you please have a look at ada nick?

  27. THE best cryptocurrency youtuber hands down. thanks for another great video please keep them coming 🙂

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