How to Get Started at Poloniex Online Cryptocoin Bitcoin Exchange

A short video showing the basics of the online Bitcoin cryptocoin exchange Poloniex.

XMR is Monero not Ripple as I stated in the video.


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  1. SunTrib Fashion

    Guys, do not use this exchange. Suppose you buy 3000 amount of any crypto and hold it for a while… They will show you have only 2992 amount of crypto after you hold it for a while. It means they will steal your 8 crypto after few hours you hold them and it means you can earn nothing. So use some other exchange

  2. How long does it take to get a count verified

  3. Sumon Chowdhury

    Hi, I have clicked freeze my account by mistake and now the account is frozen and i cannnot buy or sell in my polonex account although i can login! any advice.

  4. How can you buy bitcoins in this program with euro's? And is it possible to send some bitcoins from an other site to this site?

  5. illiterate thug

    I signed up to this website, whilst it was verifying I read up on them, hmmmm, doesn't sound good.
    I only wanted Gas, so I signed up to binance instead, was very pleased with binance, even gives you your gas allowance if you keep neo on there (why would you though)
    Binance sign up is really fast and easy and you can withdraw upto 2 btc per day without verifying with photos and ID , literally all you need is create account from an email and verify when they email you a link. MUCH easier

  6. Particle Config.

    Let me start with: You are not sure wether you are getting your money back off from Poloniex, Don't do Poloniex, some people are waiting 3 months already, some more.
    Or else first read all the negatives on Reddit and Twitter.
    This site is probably scam. And one day will scam ALLOT, there's issues with their legality.
    Now encounter the second case in which I can't withdraw my freakin money from it. It's devastating, they don't answer a thing. Their email account got blocked by my service provider (unknowingly) and atm this is the reason I cannot withdraw since verification is needed. This is all allot of bull if you want to make money.

  7. Poloniex is a scam. My money somehow vanished, could never log back in to my account, and never heard back from their support team.

  8. you cant deposit us dollars?

  9. Awesome thanks for this video man!!!

  10. How do you deposit funds from credit card

  11. Has translated on a stock exchange of 200 dollars, there is no money, there is no answer. Transaction is confirmed for transfer 100% Quiet bastards – Thieves

  12. poloniex is a scam exchange
    they stole my eth in may and never replied to support ticket

  13. is there any minimum deposit amount for BTC?

  14. Good video, thanks Lee, am I able to use Poloniex to trade zcash for Burst?

  15. Yo how do I change my usd from my bank account into bitcoin so I can get started ? I have the block chain wallet app can I do it through there ?

  16. Hi Lee – thanks for the helpful video. Two questions – what is the security tool that you mentioned to provide a "countermeasure to protect your phone" to add extra security to the wallet in which you're storing ICO's? Also, what ware examples of local wallets one can use to store Bitcoins, etc.? Thanks :-).

  17. I watched this entire video and still don't know how to remove my money. fail video.

  18. SCAM!
    Awaiting Approval 1 week already
    nobody answers any emails nothing.
    There is no support just computer auto answer to your email like: we will answer shortly…

  19. Awesome dude very helpful. Is there a calculator one can use so you can work out how much BTC you are spending when making a trade, but thanks for the video

  20. cheers for the info dude. very helpful.

  21. thanks for the video
    do you use limit oders

  22. Ankitaaa Kumariii

    I have transferred 6 eth tobpolonoiex but it not showing in polonoiex account wat should i do now it became mofe than 10hours i ve deposited

  23. Marius Pacevicius

    Thus far most informative video. thank you. Would be great to see some videos about setting the selling price and stop loss. I am comming from forex trading and this poloniex I am sure is simple as fxxxck…but I just cant work my head around it.

  24. Benjamin Rafalimanana

    Could you please help to clarify below issue !
    If I want to do a long run investment, I don't see the point in transferring the coins into a "wallet" whereas I could leave them on a platform like Poloniex where there is a good overview of what you own. That's I'm confused with the general terminology here and their function.
    Therefore, could you please help explaining what is the difference between an " account" like the one you showed on Poloniex and a "wallet" ?
    Does a wallet can only contains BTC ? And then is the platform where we can cash out to EUR/USD ?

    Thanks !!!


  25. Adventure Story

    Hello ,what program you use to buy bitcoins?

  26. UPDATE*** Poloniex took care of the 1.5 btc that was not showing up in my wallet! I am very happy they took care of my support ticket!

  27. how do i can put funds from paypal or creditcard to come cryto wallet and start

  28. Great video. I learned a lot from this. I'm wondering how to start trading crypto currency. I don't have any right now so I have nothing to buy/sell. Is their a way to deposit using a credit card so I can start exchanging?

  29. Great explanation. Can I use Ethereum as my initial deposit or does it have to be bitcoin? Also what site do you recommend to buy bitcoin in the first place to get it in poloniex? Thanks.

  30. Ticket Received – [#265884] i don't receive my eth to my personal wallet
    status complete on poloniex page
    Complete ETH 3.91139019
    2017-06-21 10:27:15
    Address: 0xa3faE608384b9BBCCb3F63E7EdF6d6c39d9a7904
    Txid: 0x51011a930805433e55f59ced5e680f8be46a049a27c2f003771d017d7b725e70

    in the etherscan said Sorry, we are Unable to locate the Transaction entry.

    pls help i have kids to feed

  31. Al-Jamal MobiTech

    please help donate BTC into this guy Wallet to save his life, thank you!!!

  32. So you cant buy crypto with fiat?

  33. Floris Veldriet

    i sent 12.4 factom to a girlfriend with also a poloniex account everything go right i get the confirmation mail with the link everything works the adres was 100% right  , but no coins on the adres i sent it to now for 4 days , and i make a ticket to get in contact with poloniex but i dont here nothing from them , i also here from more people thy lost coins on this site and they have a verry bad service , dont go to this site !

  34. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I am a complete beginner and I am sorry, but this video did not tell me how to get started. Where do I paste the "Your Bitcoin Deposit Address"? Where do I key in my bank card details to buy bitcoin?

  35. hi Lee, thanks again for the video 🙂 I have a few questions please. If you cancel a buy/sell order, am I right in assuming you lose your fee? Also, just to make sure I understood the Sell Orders and Buy Orders correctly: there are two ways to buy currency and two ways to sell it, correct? I mean, you can either place a Sell Order and wait for someone to buy your currency, or you can go choose one of the Buy Orders that were placed by others, and sell it immediately, correct?

  36. brilliant video tutorial. well explained. thanks very much 🙂

  37. you're a life saver! I had no clue what those buy sell boxes meant.

  38. Love seeing the old comments when prices were so low

  39. This is very educational!

  40. the video is blurry wtf?

  41. hi i deposite in ethereum 10 days ago but anythink doesnt move can u help me

  42. I can't put money into the account from my regular bank account?

  43. Hi there Lee, thank you so much, this video is exactly what I was looking for, after searching through so many only to understand the simple basics of what I need in order to get started. Now that I have bought Ethereum, can I just leave it as is for the next few months or or even longer than a year, without any day or night trading, is that a good or wise idea. Also can I buy in again on Poloniex for a 2nd time and then do day trading on the 2nd buy in.

  44. Very helpful.

  45. Nice video

  46. What is the best exchange or wallet to be paid onto bank account,without giving all my personal informations like on

  47. If i cancel a buy or trade order before it completes do i get changed a trade fee?

  48. Thanks a lot for the video. Wondering if you could advice. In Poloniex I've only got Ethereum and Ethereum Classic(and no BTC) and would like to buy Ripple and Golem. How do I do that? Do i need to buy BTC in the Exchange and then proceed buy Ripple and Golem, or there's a way to buy directly? Also, when in say Ethereum Exchange, if I execute a Sell order, is the transaction automatically done in BTC or in ETH?

  49. Great Video! Bitcoin is popping right now. But many people don't know the risks. And they don't get what it is and why its valued. Essentially, you want to hold onto it for a long time. Because there's too much volatility in the short term.

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