Cryptocurrency investing 101 – Coins Under $1 Updated with price predictions & results

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Cryptocurrency investing for beginners.

How to invest in Bitcoin and other altcoins.
In this episode of crypto riot we will do a follow up to a video I created at the start of August about the top 5 crypto currencies you can invest in for under $1. We will see how each one of the 5 crypto currencies has preformed and we will also add three more crypto currenices to our list bringing the total up to 8.

For those of you not familiar with USDT we will briefly cover what tether does and how you can protect your crypto investments if the market becomes unstable. Tether is tied to the US dollar so one tether should always equal 1 us dollar.


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  2. Anyone made gains on this?

  3. The video was great and i can now visualize how to start making my investments. THanks

  4. David this comment has nothing to do with the video but, kudos for the Bienvenidos sign.

  5. Where can I buy potcoin? I'm in CA

  6. Holding deeponion for a long time will definitely give me the best return.

  7. Jalina Shadowknight

    nice video and very informant. thanks for doing this and keep on going..thanks!

  8. Tether as the same CEO thant Btfinex who sells Tether . Refcently 30M£ disappeared from tether chain… So please don't tell people to buy this shit !

  9. Angel Grace Suan

    well it's a great video but Deeponion is still the best for me 🙂

  10. Ganeshram Krishnamoorthy

    deeponion should not be missed for sure.. strong community driven coin.


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  12. Alfred Jerome Mendoza

    Thanks for this informative video dude, but i think you so do a review coz i guess you forgot theNAV coin. But still i'm looking forward for more videos about Price predictions and results.

  13. Hi David, what is your thoughts on Ethereum Classic?

  14. Thank you for that tether tip. awesome videos!!

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  17. I recently met a coin which is very good and had the price range of 1-2$. DeepOnion is called and I think that will be better than Monero or other Annoyme coins. I believe in the erflog and especially those have their own shop: D recently had a livestream and something I call very good support of the community.

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  19. Any thought about PLX

  20. The Real Roy Lee Campbell Jr.

    Thank you so much. I enjoy your videos.

  21. thanks for this video. Im going to Invest here.

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  23. Hey guys, what are you thoughts on this coin? It's a new credit score ICO by Stanford founders. It has huge potential to disrupt industry after Equifax hack. Any thoughts?

  24. Hi! I must say your videos are really useful. Thank you. I want ask you something: What do you think about anonimity and security focused cryptocurrencies? By example DeepOnion which runs over the Tor network and has nice innovative features. It'll very nice if you made a video talking about anonymous cryptos to invest.

  25. Please remember deeoponion, it is a small crypto currently below 1$ driven by a strong community and distributed by airdrop.

  26. DeepOnion Italia

    Hey Guys What about DeepOnion? It's under 1$ now and i think It's really undervaluted. Community is wonderfull and Devs are working hard to improve and promote this coin. Take a look at and join Free Airdrops.

  27. Nice totems. Angry, much? DeepOnion is on the 1$ sweetspot right now 😉


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  30. Home Business Strategy

    Can you possibly do a review of Kucoin Shares? It's a new exchange I started using. They claim that they will be in the top 10 in the next year.

  31. Bro can you make a video or write down how to build a super compute ?

  32. Love your channel!

  33. Hassanein Altememy

    Thanks for this advise!

  34. I'm new to all of this crytocurrency but with what is happening to Bitcoin I need to ask this question… Why is there a "central gov't behind it…aka Bitcoin Core? Seems like there is a middle man regulating this but is it for our good or detriment? So confused by cryptocurrency and the effects it has on our investments when it shouldn't. Make sense?

    Great videos. Keep up the good work David.

  35. what bitcoin is out there to start as low as 1.00 today?

  36. how can i find archives on this channel and be notified of new release

  37. I'm new to this and just getting into it I set up a Coinbase account and want to buy iota but not sure how to do it – help

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