Bitcoin Trading – Streaming Live Bitcoin prices through Exchange API

This video shows you how to plug in to the various exchange APIs to grab pricing data in real time.


As Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity, more and more people are curious about becoming a part of it. Many people start out curious about mining Bitcoins first, but then begin to wonder about buying into the system or even trading. These first few videos will server as an intro to the possibility of trading Bitcoin. I will eventually cover investing in Bitcoin later.

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  1. hi Sentdex i am trying to figure out if there is a way to download the orderbook from gdax in real time..please let me know if you have any recommendations

  2. Where are you typing all this code? And how do you run it? I have a Kraken API key and I want to try this. Thanks

  3. is Seized by US Gov 😀 rofl !! create with new ticker 🙂

  4. aliceinultraland

    This is awesome. Liked and subscribed. Super appreciated. When we do this and make some bitcoin won't forget you.

  5. Do you have a good video on websockets? Community could use another. Plenty of bitcoin websockets so it fits here well

  6. Hey, sorry to bother you, but i tried running this script and it doesn't work.

    I used the same exchange as you, and i even tried Cryptsy and when i try to run it, it either gives me no value at all for what i'm trying to get. Or when i try and make it ping the server over and over again like in your example, it gives me an AttributeError for the 'loads' attribute. 

    So the question is, do i have to download something else or did they change how it works now? I tried it on 2.7.6 and 3.4. Thanks a lot.

  7. What would you say would be the best way to transfer money around this?

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