Don’t Use Bitcoin Debit Cards! | Bitcoin Price Reaches 845$ By Shaka Daniel


  1. Guys I swear I just got free $1642_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

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  3. know what thats your new video now . you dont have an bitcoin visa card . So you need to make an how too video.

  4. i guess you havent done your reading bitcoin card does that . you can have it in BTC or money format . the btc is better because if it goes up and down it goes up and down

  5. that takes too long and not ever one takes bitcoins . Its cash money or card now

  6. I think in an good idea just dont putt all off it on it . I think in emergancy that would be great card to have as an back up

  7. Strategic Endeavors FX

    This is not toward your video but I have to post it…….

    I'm going to copy and paste this part in every fucking bit pay video I see.

    So we need to build a card. Allow that card to communicate with trezor.. offline… Or nano.. offline.. Swipe with a card through a swiper enter your pin off line. Load funds directly from your trezor to your card for what you need for the day. Don't use these cards. Only spend bitcoins when business start loosing to amazon who excepts it they will be forced to except it as well.use your job to pay for your everyday needs or trade Bitcoin to friends and have them buy you stuff. Goddamn..

  8. Btc is 5,000 now

  9. TenX bro allday lol

  10. Did they use a Bitcoin wallet?

  11. what about if you dont live in the us

  12. you damm ass, so what is a credit card ? actually cash
    i work in a bank…

  13. i don't use that brand sorry…. bitpay card is the best

  14. Bitcoin will be more widely adopted by the average person if it becomes easy to use, via a debit card.

  15. You are a great communicator

  16. the best telegram channel with signals and news

  17. btc is 3000 now

  18. New Earth Administration

    Use Shift Card from Coinbase all the time. Will be getting the Uquid Card for LISK next. This is the typical reactionary mortal.

  19. bro, theres no good option till today ? im afraid, do you know some trustworthy ? honest conversion card ?

  20. check out Uquid Card

  21. I was going to use them Wirex

  22. thanks bro

  23. is your opinion bro

  24. But if bitcoin is stronger than your national currency then its probably worth using, also if you travel a lot it should keep working right, unlike credit cards cause there getting blocked so i've heard…

  25. U have to use a card as most places don't take Bitcoin yet.

  26. I heard xappos work that way. but I don't really care about turning bitcon into dollars first. I mean, is similar to they change your bitcoin to Amazon gift cards. that said, overstock is a great bitcoin friendly business. should there be more ICO for goods based businesses?

  27. This happened to us with Wirex which is formerly known as E-Coin. We contacted them via Twitter and put in a claim and the Wirex team reimbursed our $500 worth of Bitcoin. Yes, it took about 2 weeks to recoup the funds but we did. My recommendation is to primarily use it as a POS (Point of Sale) tool. This happened to us when we tried to take the funds from an ATM. We love our Wirex card which we have used in Argentina, Holland and here in Panama. Wirex is a UK based Bitcoin Debit Card.

  28. nontheistcapitalist

    I had no problem using Shift. According to Coinbase I had more than 280 transactions this year and it was mostly with my debit card. However I now agree with you for a different reason. The IRS considers every transaction a sale. While you can download a cost basis report from Coinbase, with an estimated capital gain to use on the tax form, you have to also trust Coinbase. Also if you moved Bitcoin out to a cold wallet that is considered a capital gain, even if it is a cold wallet belonging to you! I will do as you suggested and only spend with a QR scanner from a "not so smart" wallet on my electronic gizmo.i might do a few token shift transactions as I will not go to a zero balance in Coinbase, but most of my buying of Bitcoin is going to be through cash.

  29. Thanks for the alert. But this is clearly just a Wirex specific issue. Xapo's card works really well, but it's not available to the US residents.

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