How to use Coinbase – How to use a Bitcoin Wallet – What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

To set up your Coinbase account, click here:

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This video is about the Bitcoin wallet Coinbase and how to use it to deposit and withdraw funds from your Bitcoinstep account and how to buy and sell Bitcoins to and from U.S. Dollars.


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  2. Clayton Meadors

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  3. Thanks you

  4. Too slow almost 1 week now I have not received my Litecoin or my Bitcoin it keeps pending pending pending seriously

  5. Nice vid! I also have one like it

  6. i cant buy becouse i need to fill out all the information about me and when i have fillled out evry cuestion it says that you need to put in country and when i try i cant find the find country buttton wat do i do pleas help?

  7. Sebastian Snyder

    During the setup when you verify the two transactions, I got three transactions. Is that something to be worried about?

  8. Hey there. Can I keep my saving on coinbase or I need separate wallet

  9. Let me tell you how much of a pain in the ass it has been for me to get started on Coinbase. First you have to have a phone that receives texts. Next bank account (a online account is needed)make sure your bank is listed in their list of banks. There is a way to link your bank manually but I don't remember the exact step but I mispelled my bank name and it then gave me an option to enter my bank manually. Then Coinbase wants to send you 2 deposits to verify your bank account and I am currently stuck at this point because their deposits do not show into my bank account. So it is not as easy as these YouTube videos make it out to be.

  10. do anyone know if i can send bitcoins from coinpot to coinbase? pls let me know

  11. i need help i just bought bitcoin , with my bank account and it says

    Payment method : pnc-spend -everyday *************

    that is mean that im gonna be charge everyday the same amount or is just one time payment

    please help!!!!!!

  12. I have 2 withdrawals of €2000.85 total (€4001.70) that have not arrived in my SEPA bank account.
    A SEPA transaction takes 1 day. Should have been in my account already
    Where is my money? Support Case #3138417 No way of speaking to these guys.

  13. Bro i tried to purchase with my bank account a day given to delivered bitcoin the transaction was cancelled while i still have money in my account and they debited it and refund it back why is that?

  14. Dominick Ziehme

    STAY AWAY from coinbase! Easy to put your REAL money on but next to impossible to get it off!! Go figure huh?? Site CONSTANTLY crashes during peak buy/sell times and there is a bot for "customer service"! This is the type of site that gives the internet a bad name! SCAM!!!

  15. And if you want to start trading bitcoins for altcoins you can exchance them on binance! Check it out:

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  17. omg this video is so tilting, 1 BTC 1000$ USD.

  18. I wish i get an answer for my question. So now let's say I buy fraction of bitcoin that's worth $1000. I see that some people transfer these bitcoin to other wallet in other website? why is that? is not safe to keep my bitcoin in the same website (coinbase) why do people transfer theses to other wallets and pay network fee? can anyone answer that…Thanks!!

  19. Can someone help me… I purchased bitcoin on coinbase, I received an email that confirmed my purchase and also bank account shows withdrawal for purchase, but the account on coinbase shows $0.00 balance. I'm so confused and getting ahold of someone from coinbase is impossible. I'm afraid I've lost what I've tried to invest. Does anyone know how to fix this.

  20. I just closed my account because they were not helpful and I couldn't verify my card. THeir customer service is nonexistent. Do NOT sign up with them.

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  22. According to Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase, Coinbase is not a wallet, but an exchange.

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