Bitcoin price technical analysis – 11th August 2018

Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis. Where will Bitcoin price be heading? See the video for my analysis on bitcoin price

Over the years I have learnt that the best traders are the ones that develop their social network. In this game knowledge is power and one can never have too many contacts. For that reason I have created this channel to share my knowledge with you and broaden my social network.

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  1. Good TA. I know you're bearish bro, but this sideways triangle, could easily push into the apex, and head higher too! I'm happy to see that you have the top of your pitchforks, and the 200 day average as a guide to turn bullish! Very smart! I think it's important to use your pitchforks from the historic lows and point them upward with the trend as well.

  2. Another great video. Personally I'm not so sure what to expect from the market for the remainder of this year but my eyes are definitely set on DeepOnion to revert the downwards movements it's been experiencing and for it to be priced according to how strong the project actually is.

  3. Great video again! Well explained and love the tools you use. Look forward to the next video

  4. 2 pitchforks currently valid; one upward trend, one downward trend. How do those algo's do that?

  5. MyMinecrafter97

    Also a seperate tutorial (series?) on pitchforks would be great!

  6. MyMinecrafter97

    Good video, but the audio is messed up again (mono instead of stereo) :/

  7. Sound very quiet, especially compared to intro

  8. So hows the Facebook group going along?

  9. Wow thanks Waves618

  10. I can not find the warning lines in the settings!

  11. Congrats on another superb video!

  12. Great, great, great! Thank you W.618

  13. Can you please do an analysis of the SPX chart. Long and short term. Serious request. Please

  14. I cant hear the narration at all. After the intro the sounds just cuts out completely. I reloaded the page and tried a new browser but still no sound!
    EDIT: Apparently your voice audio is entirely on the left and my headphone seem to have an issue with left channel. I can hear your voice OK via PC speakers,.. albeit quite softly. Could definitely do with a bit of a boost.

  15. Fantastic videos mate, I'm trying to learn more pitchfork TA and you did a great demo. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  16. excellent TA. pitchforks are absolutely amazing. Appreciate if you can make a video on how to correctly use pitchforks. the tip that you have regarding using pitchforks in log scale was very helpful. I was using it in arithmetic scale before; after switching to log scale, i was surprised to find out how well respected the median line is

  17. Naveera Farooque

    Very comprehensive TA. Best I've seen. Thanks!

  18. Simon Williamson

    Another great video mate!

  19. How did you add those quick access keys to top of your tradingview?

  20. Another great video waves. The pitch fork has proved to be a great tool. I too have been using it on the 15 minute chart. Caught the trade on the pitch fork today on 15 minute chart, after it spiked up 6500 (wicked off the medium line off the pitch fork from 8.5k) just caught the break down now.

  21. This triangle thing is my "main" scenario so far :
    What about your H4 Fibonacci EMA scénario? Would you make an update with it inside?
    If I'd have the PRO account on TView, I'd have many alerts on Daily OBV on Bitstamp, Weekly RSI near 30, and so on…
    Always appreciate your analysis !

  22. wow i love how those 18:56 pitchforks played out

  23. Judging by the comments, you have got a real nice community going here, like all the crypto cool heads gather around here.

  24. I don't believe we see the 3k's like I initially thought. A bottom may be found from 4200 to 4880 imho…..we'll see…best regards.

  25. Best midterm to longterm forecaster by far.

  26. 'Hoffman Line' has held again – $100 market cap SEC requirement for large institutions – $6000 approx – 'Short sellers' may start to panick if this continues – possible 'short squeeze' coming?

  27. Love your videos. The volume is a little low.

  28. Definitely keep your video's going, your one of the best out there!

  29. If you chart this on Bitfinex then the top line at c, at 9900, does not reach the top of the triangle. Does that make any difference?

  30. Thanks! Need to understand those pitchorks better. Any good reads? Works pretty well indeed for trends and -changes.

  31. Always had my doubts about the pitchforks (I always tried on linear scale) you convinced me now to use it (also spot on prediction with the bounce we just had 1 hr ago). Great lessons. Thank you very much!

  32. Awesome, thank you for sharing.

  33. I have made some analys and I also think that we gonna see a bottom at 4 – 4,3 k level… Bull market will start again around 10 th of january 2019 … It will be a final leg up – wave 5…

  34. Thank u Kind Sir ur spot on

  35. What's your name my good Englishman? Just wanting to say thank you for your excellent analysis and generous teaching. You are a cut above most.

  36. I haven’t seen your TA in a while. Started to get worried that you’ve given up on BTC. You Financial Freedom and Ton Vays are the only TA I trust the rest are just noise.

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