BitconnectX is FINISHED If Bitconnect Doesn’t Give Us $363.62 Value Per Token In Bitcoin

Bitconnect needs to honor the $363.62 price by giving us that in Bitcoin, not in their worthless BCC which they KNEW would tank the minute they exited. If not then who would be so stupid to trust BitconnectX?

DAVORCOIN RED FLAG UPDATE: I warned them on Twitter about going down the road of creating national promoters. Result? THEY BLOCKED ME. At least Bitconnect never blocked me for anything I said to them on Twitter. Do NOT put any more money in Davor. Their trust level for me just went from a weak 30% to -1000%. I am no longer promoting these frauds.

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  1. Glenn started bitconnect if you don't know by now

  2. with the ico BCCx THE HAVE RAIse 500 Million pay us all back with tokens 363 price and if we want we can trae on bccX !! fair for the bcc brand to make it right.!! now i got scammed of 30 K hard earned cash

  3. What the hell is that whooshing sound in the background? Are you fixing your toilet while you recorded this video? 😕

  4. These scammers felt if they gave us our tokens back that they didnt really steal. Psshhh

  5. ALL of these platforms are scams. But they thrive because of our collective greed and stupidity. Even after the scam, half the "faithful" still believe in this company. It's truly amazing.

  6. HODL your BTC

  7. UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL! LET'S ALL UNITE, NO INTERVIEW, NO INVESTMENT! This movement is for all of us not to be scammed any more! Join Mike Michaels on this movement.

  8. Bitconnect IT teams are so smart I tried everything in the book to try and get onto bitconnect X and i could not get thru there firewall blocking anything from America. They left us to fight over the scraps . I wish someone could step in and fix this shit.
    Thank you man just take it as a good strong education.

  9. Lol only idiot still trust crypto up to now. Idiots just like to be scammed by big Corp. Honour??? In these money based world there is still honour?? U made joke of the day. Try to drop 100 bill on road. And see If there is much honour. That gonna say is that your money.

  10. I lost all my savings in bitconnect, bastard's cheated us…

  11. leachristin stout

    i know it, done deal Xscam ,i feel sorry about people vietnam people invested big time they even have a huge office in viename !!!!

  12. Christopher Bale

    They knew in july as they didnt file tax returns

  13. ddos attack was fake

  14. it is not coming to the US.Your gov. and haters took care of that.

  15. Hey Matt, I hope BitConnect does the right thing. But I’m not going to hodl my breath. See ya out there man 🙋🏼‍♂️

  16. HI thanks for your video, do you think they will pay the new users to make them full again? I mean to return their money?? I agree with you no way I am going to buy BCCX. unless they honor my investment.


  18. Sincere Marketing

    Exactly I was dead wrong this whole move they did was calculated

  19. Disconnectkkkkkkkkkkk and bitchconnetxxxxxxxxxxx i very hate you.i always pray you bankrupt companies and families are not happy with ill-gotten money

  20. what if we send the bcc to bccx? it says 1 bcc is $150

  21. BCC is worth about as much as it ever will be.  I sold and immediately bought better coins that are making gains.  This is how I am getting my money back.

  22. Class Action Suit. Here's a link to an attorney who may file a class action suit, assuming there enough of us who think we were scammed: . Good luck and profit in everything you do!!

  23. Hold your coins people, BCC might be equal to 1 BTC

    In hundred years 😂😂😂
    I got few thousands in there, but I was able to use the platform to borrow a large sum of money, good for me I didn't put it on bitconnect.. Bitcoin fell, I put it all on bitcoin.. Now bitcoin is back up. I made almost 60% of the money.. I say it's a win win for me😘 I'm still holding the worthless bcc tho

  24. Michael Robinson


  25. Old Daddy Gaming

    im in bibconntc x i live in europe. the only pay us 150 usd for the bcc BUT we can ONLY trade it for BCCX token lol. the bccx token sells every day 233000 tokens and they sell out in minutes every day .srange

  26. BitconnectX will be gone anytime, too many bad people looking for them im sure.

  27. And I put another 1k in 3 days before they split.

  28. Cloudflare defended SpamHaus from a DDoS attack that exceeded 300 Gbit/s. Bitconnect had a Cloudfare service and they are claming that they were attacked by DDoS???? They basically manipulated their web server faking and look like they were attacked. They were using image – I am not bot thing first day and they are not even using image not a bot thing anymore. It is so obvious they planned it and tried to fake it. It looks like doest not have cloudflare service but have a cloudflare service. Tried to get to and website and you will see the difference.

  29. Dr so called Roy has left the building!!!! Was a agent for damage control!!! He scammed all his subs!

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