How To Use Tron Power To Earn TRX Passively | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club | Learn more about the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Crypto Trading Mastery Course and Mastermind Chat Group on Slack by using this link. In this video you will learn how to leverage your Tron / TRX cryptocurrency in an official tron wallet to earn TRX passively! What better situation can you have than to be able to earn money just by holding a coin you are likely investing in mid to long term anyways? That is one of the advantages you get by holding Tron off of the exchange in the recommended wallet, Tron Scan. In this video I will show you how to use the Tronscan wallet to freeze your Tron and which Tron super affiliate you can vote for with your Tron Power to earn free tron and tron based tokens daily!

If you still need to buy a Ledger Nano Bitcoin Wallet, you can use the following link:

I also created a video review / tutorial about the Ledger Nano S, get it here:

I have recently moved all my TRX to the TronWatch Desktop Wallet, as I believe it is the more secure option to store our TRX and participate in the daily supernode elections for airdrops. Here is a link to the video review / walkthrough of how it works:

Bitcoin Lifestyles Pro Tip:
– Logging into the Tronscan wallet using the Ledger Nano S can sometimes be a little tricky. This issue will likely be solved in a future wallet version update, but for now logging in can require a couple extra steps…

– To prepare for the following steps, use the instructions from the official Ledger Nano S support site to update your firmware, install the TRX app to the nano device AND to download and install the Tronscan app to your computer from the official source:

– Open the Tronscan app on your computer.
Click ‘Open Wallet’ in the upper right hand corner.
Select the Login With Ledger option.

– Plug the Ledger into your computer via the ledger usb cable, enter your PIN code and select the Tron / TRX app on your nano device.

– Now if the login button that says ‘Ledger Connected’ does not appear, go ahead and click the ‘Private Key’ login option [no you do not need a private key right now.]

– Then re-select the login with Ledger option, and it should say that it is connected to the Ledger and give you a button to login to your wallet.

– Once you click the login button, just give it a moment to fully load, and then you will be inside your Tronscan wallet.

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  1. somebody gave me 128 trons for free

  2. My first attempt at using Tron Power with a freeze did work, but the amount of Tron earned hasn't changed since. It only shows the Tron earned as my balance. I'm confused as to the next step. After the three days, do I unfreeze and reset my balance to the full amount of Tron I had plus the earned amount? Or am I limited to just using the earned Tron to stake more?

  3. Make a video of earnings lots of DogeCoin for free.. per day!



  5. This guy will be a millionaire if he isn't one already!

  6. Question have you earned anything voting for sesameseed?

  7. wow bro you have over 96k just in tron power1!!!! amazing

  8. Oregon organics

    Just read through your comments after the video. Thanks a bunch man.

  9. Is it possible to gets the Tron gains you got today? You said 1000 Tron a day.

  10. How can i withdraw tokens to some exchange which I got as reward from SR community?? I can't find a way for that. Can we convert them to trx or something else?

  11. Lets Get Smarted

    wow that's a lot of trx. I only have 600 lol 🙁 is it even worth it for me to move to another wallet to vote my trx? great vid btw, best tron voting tutorial.

  12. massimo mandala

    Hi I see you know what you are talking about. Ì'm a serious investor with 600000 tron invested. I am thinking about voting so i can get extra tron. How much tron could i get daily freezing them and voting for SR that pay you tron like a dividend (maybe team tronics or skypeople? ) Anyways i always save my coins on ledger nano. Is it also secure to freeze and vote and leave them on tronscan for a year or more until i decide to sell ? And in the mean time everyday i recieve new tron from SR ?

  13. I participated in TRON SR Voting. In return, I am able to find the tokens like Huobi, Skypeople etc. What are those? How to get actual TRX by participating in the voting? Do I need to convert those earned tokens into TRX?

  14. Victor Hernandez

    thank you for the info, I have so many questions that I answer now

  15. Yesudas Sebastian

    Is there a risk of losing our trx tokens on voting ?

  16. nice video.

    it dont cost you any tron only tron power right?

  17. Hey isn’t this low key bribing?

  18. Yacob Ben Israel

    Can I do all this from my cell

  19. TehJodyD #11Sugar#17

    what does it mean if we have bitcoin listed in the tokens? Does that mean i have a bitcoin O_O?

  20. Thank you so much for this very concise and to the point.

  21. hey there my friend just one question
    to earn 1000 dollars how much time does it take to earn these money,and how much money you have to invest to earn 1000 dollars?

  22. V for Blockchain

    After the vote do you defreeze or leave it for 3 days and again freeze? What is the difference?

  23. He said he earns 900-1100 trx daily. After about 2 weeks ive only earned 126 trx and ive voted with 100k tronpower can someone help me understand.

  24. I see it says 9 comments but there is none in here

  25. Patrick Gutierrez

    Thank you for the video ,bless your health ,wealth , and happiness .🤙

  26. Great video. If we we decide not to hodl the airdrops, is there a way that we can convert them back into trx? For example I'd rather have 1,024 trx instead of 1 WIN

  27. So you earn from people buying your votes?

  28. How much tron did you have in order to earn 900 per day? I have about 18,800.

  29. Great video I've got a large stash of TRX I want to start compounding, thanks for posting.

  30. Great video and great tips!

  31. Great information! Thank you!!

  32. Thanks for the info bro

  33. Gary Cindy Audie

    Great info video Caleb. Just a Q, do you have to vote everyday after the 24 hr period? Or does it vote automatically daily on your behalf. Regds Gary

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