Today’s Top Cryptocurrency News Headlines For Bitcoin Traders and Blockchain Investors

Top 5 Ethereum Blockchain dApps Ranked By Most Active Daily Users
Digital Freelance Workers Check Out These 3 Blockchain Platforms: Ethlance, Bounty0x And Blocklancer
TAP Introduces Internal Alpha Version For Its Crypto-Fiat Trading App
New Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsbit Launches Promising Safe Trading Platform
Systech & Farma Trust Partner to Integrate Pharma Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology
iOS Users can Now Access the Saifu Cryptocurrency Mobile Application
Crypto Valley Association (CVA) Welcomes New Swiss Bankers Association Blockchain Regulations
Magellan International Pulls Out of the US Due to Probable Crypto Irregularities in its Operations
Top 5 Non-Bitcoin Tokens with Massive Real-World Adoption Use Cases
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Advisor Meets with Huobi CEO to Influence Crypto Regulatory Framework
Pavo IoT Blockchain Software Forms Partnership with Japan’s TAKE Energy Distances Itself from Coingeeks Crypto Mining Rigs, Calls Site a Scam
Bitcoin Options Trading: Top Crypto Platforms and Market Strategies
Decentralization Governance: How On-Chain Blockchain Consensus Protocols Work
CloudFlare Aims for Internet Decentralization, Comparing Blockchain with HTTP Protocol
Ethereum Crypto Community Looks to Outlaw ASIC Mining for Ether (ETH)
Bitcoin Cash Developer Shares Method of Finding the Scary BTC Blockchain Bug
Stablecoin Controversy: Experts Share Insights on Crypto-Fiat Tokens
Decentralized Blockchain Crowdfunding vs Venture Capital Model is Changing the Investment Game

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