Bitcoin CORE is the Correct Name? Hard Core Truth

Good Morning guys! Today we are discussing why it is in some cases correct to say Bitcoin Core and why in some cases it isn’t!


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Good Morning Crypto!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


  1. Very informative.

  2. Michael Golpe- The Entrepreneur Economist

    Thanks Ivan!

  3. Then the next fork will call itself Bitcoin and steal the brand name.

  4. Pfft, details…

  5. Now it all makes sense. Thank you so much Ivan! You are a lifesaver

  6. The controversy stems from the fact that the “core implementation” of bitcoin uses the name “Bitcoin”, when the protocol they actualize is not really bitcoin, but is a semblance of bitcoin infected with changes that ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with what is outlined in the whitepaper. Things like segwit, blocksize caps, centralized dev groups, rbf, and the list goes on. For core the protocol itself must be renamed because it no longer follows the original protocol. This is why I believe that BCH can call their protocol bitcoin, but BTC cannot.

  7. Daniele Sbordone

    Ivan , you can call it Bitcoin banana for all I care. for me it's Bitcoin and nothing else.

  8. There is really a reason and logic behind all these different bitcoin blabla. I learned something today. Thank you! 🙂

  9. It never makes sense to say bitcoin. It's either bitcoin or bitcoin core developers never just bitcoin core.

  10. Hey Ivan thanks for the videos. Don't worry too much about these trolls giving you shit bc you say "core"–correctly btw. That's old news. Smart people have moved on.

  11. Why didn't you start by saying "and we're live guys"?

  12. Amsterdam Holland

    Ivan what multi crypto wallet do you recommend for a smartphone?

  13. Crypto Piece com

    Hi! How is your portfolio looking today? 📈 or 📉? Yours truly, Cryptopiece com

  14. Hey Ivan, there is something that doesn't make sense here: If you say that BTC is the Protocol and BitcoinCore is an implementation, then what is the bitcoin "coin" itself? isn't it a particular implementation of the BTC protocol? so what is the difference between BitcoinCore and the Bitcoin "coin" (the cryptocurrency)? (not a dev)

  15. Ivan, the original Bitcoin protocol did not include Segwit. So we need a new a name to distinguish the original Bitcoin protocol from the modern Bitcoin protocol. If you just continue to call it "Bitcoin" it can be very confusing to know whether the speaker is talking about the original protocol or the new one that includes Segwit. So for those of us for whom this is an issue, we need some way to distinguish. Some people said "Bitcoin Segwit" but that is not the name that stuck. The name that stuck is "Bitcoin Core". Perhaps that is unfortunate because it is also the name of the Implementation, but language is something that happens by consensus. No one person makes the rules. No one knows why that name is the name that stuck, for certain. Maybe it was because the Bitcoin Core developers invented Segwit. At the end of the day, I think you are wrong when you say 'it won't work'. This name has stuck. The modern protocol with Segwit is now named after the group who invented it "Bitcoin Core" for people who need to distinguish from the original protocol.

  16. I have smashed the likes.

  17. Salomon Markovich

    been in this space for just over a year and sharing my perspective, was very open to every crypto, even bch, did as much research as i could since it's my own money . Overall have to say that most of these coins are a joke, even the idea of bch overtaking bitcoin or any other coin per say is something that I don't even entertain anymore. I only hold only one other altcoin too, you make more trading btc on leverage then alts

  18. I followed your explanation, but can you please clarify: different implementations = different blockchains?

  19. Thank you for the calm, unbiased coverage of this topic.

  20. Great explanation Ivan.

  21. Wahoo

  22. If you say protAcol one more time…

  23. During the scaling debate, "the bitcoin core devs" always said and pushed the idea that having more implementations of the same protocol, for a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, was a bad idea. So it was a bad idea to have other implementations as Bitcoin XT or Bitcoin Unlimited, there should be only Bitcoin Core. This is at least the idea promoted from the bitcoin core devs propaganda.
    So, by staying in line with this idea, now bch users are calling Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core, because protocol, implementation and network are only one software: Bitcoin Core 🙂

    Again, BCH users are following the line promoted by the same Bitcoin Core devs.

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  25. bitcoind and bitcoin core are the same thing 🙂

    it is funny that bch follow the bitcoin paper more then btc.

  26. I can't believe we still need to explain this to people

  27. 加藤みずっち

    I love you. No fomo

  28. Crypto Strategies

    What else are you going to call it? It's not Bitcoin

  29. Always great to wake up and learn with you Ivan! Keep up the great work

  30. Its simple, the coin is named Bitcoin, the software behind is called bitcoin core 🙂

  31. crypto is turning into an episode of the Kardashians man

  32. Roger Ver!!!…you heard that???… YOU CANNOT CALL THE ENTIRE COIN "BITCOIN CORE"!!! …stop trying to mislead the public!…and listen to Ivan here…

  33. Why make things complicated: Implementation = Software

  34. lol the people that never wanted to have a debate between bitcoin cash or bch and always resulted in trying to insult them by calling them bcash , btrash are now getting highly offended when there team is being called bitcoin core, bcore bunch of snowflakes

  35. Ivan thank you for your input…just one question? so would litcoin be the implementation of the Bitcoin core protocol… It did split not sure if it's related to BTC with it's protocol and blueprint…

  36. Thanks Ivan. You are quite correct, of course. Unfortunately, people get confused when they encounter words they do not fully understand. Sometimes It requires the patience of a saint to try to help them clear up their misunderstood words. Sometimes there is no substitute for referring them to a good dictionary. And sometimes people use the Orwellian trick of redefining words to intentionally confuse people.

  37. Bitconnect Core

  38. Simply Connected

    There is only one Bitcoin.

  39. Sorry,slight spelling mistake,by the way I am only joking,I think you're one of the best guys out there.

  40. You must be taking it up the ass from Roger Ver,he always calls it Botcoin Core.

  41. Monsieur Pickles

    I had to thumbs down even though you’re correct, but the title is clickbaity

  42. Nice info, thx

  43. Calling Bitcoin 'Bitcoin Core' is like calling the Internet 'Google Chrome'.

  44. Who cares what it's called. BTC is shit. It's a bastardisation of bitcoin. BCH is an improvement of bitcoin. Who cares about what we call the shit one?

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