How to exchange Bitcoin Core for Bitcoin Cash inside your wallet

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This video shows how to use to convert your slow, unreliable, and expensive to use Bitcoin Core (BTC), into fast, cheap, reliable Bitcoin (BCH).

If you are moving BTC from another wallet you may need to enable the BTC wallet under the advanced options.

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  2. RogerTheShrubber

    Can someone tell me how to withdraw my bch investment to my checking account?

  3. thank you so much

  4. Thank you

  5. Wow, finally i can exchange a wallet/node software for fork coins, that's promising!

  6. Bcash supporters are all conspiracy theory people.. the types that think 911 didn't happen.

  7. I hope i can change some Bcash for real Bitcoins

  8. Baltazar Bächli

    Fuck the paid trolls that dislike this video. Roger you rock!

  9. What is with this fraud bcash

  10. Norma Thornhill

    Dont disrespect your mother. Embrace her and success will come your way!

  11. this comment section is full of fake replies, it is too obvious!!!

  12. Roger thank you.
    Hey for some reason I cannot locate my BTC wallet below the BCH wallet anymore. I looked in the settings menu.

  13. Now why would anybody want to do that?? Roger Ver is a FRAUD

  14. こんにちはあかちゃん


  15. 99slacker999999999

    Thanks for helping solve this problem. Now help us change this Bcash, BCH, into the real bitcoin, BTC?

  16. I didin't know it is so easy to switch to Bitcoin BCH. Thanks Roger for going against the Lightning Network SCAM.

  17. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Bitcoin Core (BTC) stinks as money, thank Blockstream for fucking it up!
    But no worries… we have a working Bitcoin system in Bitcoin Cash now 😉

  18. Thanks for this Shapeshift tutorial. Now I can properly exchange my BCH for LTC 👍

  19. Great wallet!
    I was able to exchange all my Bitcoin Cash (XRP ) for Bitcoin (DOGE) with no issues!

  20. Great advice for a future investment

  21. BCH is real bitcoin

  22. BTC 1JJqS8nd5QqevwHFJMyhdhHZq1wdK5YMSe


  23. Thanks Roger!! I'm all out of that cancerous BTC because of you!! and it is a dream come true.. Segwit can mess with it all they want, I have the coin that is going to being me freedom..!! let the BTC supporters .. support segwit, blockstream, and JP Morgan.. Im out! on to what we started this for!!

  24. In Bitcoin Cash we trust 😎🚀

  25. How to exchange BCASH for BITCOIN
    1 – Never buy BCASH
    2- If you have BCASH, sell all for BITCOIN

  26. This is a scam

  27. I'm just imagining all of the Core devotees getting triggered into spastic shock as the voiceover woman says "Bitcoin Core".

  28. Think of all those babbies that will die if you continued to hold Bitcoin Core.Thank you Roger for showing me how evil Tone and Jimmy are… Yours truely, Richard Heart.

  29. What the hell is bitcoin core? Was there another hard fork?

  30. Dakota Anderson

    fucking Awesome, Lets go Bitcoin CASH!

  31. Yeahhh boiiiiii, dump that BTC and load up on BCH before it’s too late

  32. Bitcoin Cash : Straight To The Moon Bitcoin Cash "All The Way Up"
    Haters… If You Don't Need Bitcoin Cash Send It To Me

  33. Jimmy Song Gang.. Stop Disliking The Video.


    Send Me Your Bitcoin Cash Here


  34. Awesome👍👍👍

    Bitcoin cash

  35. Hi bcoincash fans 🙂 Bitcoin is more valuable then bcoincash and bitcore. Sell those 2 for Bitcoin (BTC)

  36. It's the same as exchanging gold for copper.

  37. guilherme meireles farias

    Thats a Scan!

  38. Thanks you Roger!!!!!

  39. Don’t try so hard dude… makes you look desperate.

  40. bla bla bcash … -.-

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