Roger Ver Debates Charlie Lee (FULL DEBATE) – What is Bitcoin?

Charlie Lee engaged in a healthy debate with Roger Ver, CEO of at the recent cryptocurrency cruise. This is the whole debate.

The debate focused on all aspects of Bitcoin including How Bitcoin scales best, on-chain or through 2nd layer solutions such as the lightning network. What defines Bitcoin? What are Charlie lee’s motivations for being involved in cryptocurrencies and why did he start litecoin.

As always we love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. - Official Channel

    Who do you think won the debate? What defines Bitcoin to you?

  2. Why Roger Ver keeps referring to the White Paper drafted 10 years ago? Yes it's a foundation and yes it's super duper important but come on man. Get in touch with reality and progress we've made along the way

  3. Daniel Plainview

    This interview just lends further evidence to the fact that Roger Ver is a deeply insecure and defensive beta in the crypto space.

  4. Charlie Lee disproves the myth that Asians are better at math.

  5. Now I know why Roger is called the Bitcoin Jesus. Hey Roger, Satoshi is not god and the white paper is not holy writ. It's all a developing technology and we have yet to find out what the world will do with it. Go ahead and try to sell Bitcoin Cash all you want but your not in control. People also don't like your personality, if you don't see why just read the comments and watch the video. If you still can't see how you behave, then there is no helping you.

  6. Roger Ver's only strength is that he's extremely articulate. I'd like to give credit to the guy. That said, Charlie Lee, imo, was able to clarify and give a proper rebuttal to each of ver's questions from a technical perspective. God, I wish Charlie had a degree in marketing.

  7. The market decides which one is the real

  8. use BITCOINCASH - not a maximalist

    Litecoin has chosen for it means of survival in the crypto space what evolutionary biologist refer to as "The sneaky f–ker"

  9. Ver is trying to lecture not debate!! Lol

  10. Ver should put his phone down, he obviously can’t remember anything and just trying to set Charlie up! Lee for the win!!

  11. Charlie is right, confusion is bad. To clear that up we should go to BCH being Bitcoin(because that is what it is) and BTC moving to a name that fits it better, perhaps AXA Coin or Lightning Wit.

  12. I wanna get an autograph from Roger Ver!

  13. Good debate. Charlie is really a gentleman. Roger is smart and has good ideas but I think if he was a bit less confrontational he would attract way more people.

  14. Once Roger can't answer a question he creates a distraction…sort of like CNN news anchors.

  15. dude roger ver u can suck a dick

  16. "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

    "Is that what you're saying?"

  17. 8:57 clearly defines who understand mass adoption and "crossing the chasm" and its not Lee. Only fool asks question this stupid "Why does the name matter?" This man is building his hobby project and not world wide currency. Ray Krock would have paid anything for the name McDonalds.

  18. I fear my litecoin holdings will depreciate once this goes viral. 😕

  19. I'm going to fork Bitcoin and call it BCash, I wonder what RV would say about it! I wouldn't doubt that he probalby owns all the trademarks etc for BCash.

  20. fuck it just torch the internet amirite?

  21. BCH is BCash to me, like most people I feel RV is just hijacking Bitcoin for his own ends. That's why people call in BCash. I feel RV is a narcissist.

  22. roger ver stinks

  23. Miners being paid by inflation + tx fee market = more incentive for miners to mine on BTC = more hashrate = more immutability and censorship resistance, etc.

  24. No respect for Roger's debate style. Interruptions, demeaning attitude.. How can I even consider the points Roger makes when he acts this way?

  25. In the 80s, CocaCola introduced a new formula and stopped making the original Coke. The new one was supposed to taste better and was what the company wanted, but the public wanted the original back. So they brought the original CocaCola and also kept making New Coke for a time… but it was never widely accepted. Some people may think bcash is better but BTC is widely adopted and everyone has grown used to it being the standard. That's why it's Bitcoin.

  26. Nice Interview but I'm buying Tomochain!

  27. Just as there is no intrinsic value, only subjective value; most people consider BTC "Bitcoin" and BCH "Bitcoin Cash" or "BCash".

  28. Charlie doesnt make any sense… Jimmy, Tone and Charlie.. three clueless core shills.

  29. Jonathan Escamilla

    Ver is such a Douche. Charlie keeping it cool.

  30. Could Charlie Lee be more spineless? We get that he dumped lite coin And it seems has left everybody stranded but to keep pushing BTC when it is nothing like it was originally designed to be, it’s just sad.

  31. I have never written any comments but must now. This is the worse debate ever. If the chairman and the 2nd debater is the same guy the whole thing is rigged. The guy is so biased (Roger) and full of his bcash that he cant listen and wait for his turn but just goes over and over the same stupid argument. I mean you mightve had the brain to read the economy book but thats the only brain you have, cant believe how you can be so immature. Do you realize that no one will support bcash after watching these. Im just amazed how bad can one be with marketing if he cant realize that this is the worst kind of publicity there is, well i guess there are more dicks like you in the world that will pump their money on your coin but you and the coin will fail. I really really hope you would learn but i dont think your capable of that.

  32. That's Rich film and talks

    God fucking damn it Roger Ver is unbearable!

  33. Roger Ver doesn't seem to understand exponential decay. He thinks that just because the last block with a reward won't be mined up until 2140 or something, we won't need a fee market UNTIL then. The truth is that being an exponential decay, it is natural that the effects of the supply constraint be felt very early on in the process. So you don't have to wait 122 years to worry about a fee market, or even 50 for that matter. A fee market must evolve in the early years because that's when most of the subsidy will be cut off.

    Here's another way of looking at it. We're only getting a limit at all (probably) because of the limit of the 64-bit floating point system. A system could be devised in order to keep halving rewards every 4 years like bitcoin, but to just keep issuing sub-satoshi values after year 2140 forever. Does that mean we will never need a fee market?

  34. miguel rodriguez

    Who stores DENT ? Turn attention to airdrop

  35. Robert Lefebvre

    Charlie claims the value of Bitcoin cannot be devalued or taken away but that is absolute bull as evidenced by the skyrocketing price of transactions in 2017 (that will surely soar again because BTC didn't fix the scaling issues). When it costs $50 worth of BTC to spend from an address and that address only has $0.20 or $2.00 or $20 then it costs MORE to spend it than what it is worth. The miners STOLE the value of that Bitcoin. The only redemption they have is that transaction fees came back down but if they hadn't, then all the value of Bitcoin would be gone. Therefore, Bitcoin CAN be devalued by miner fees and excaltion will be back as soon as transaction volume increases. Then watch your BTC be devalued.

  36. Your argument is "laughable" – "pick up a dictionary" – "you just dig yourself in a deeper hole" – he keep being so condescending towards Charlie Lee (that is just within 5 mins in the video). He is so rude and arrogant! He is talking like he is so clever, smart and the best guy in the world…. but he is only obnoxius when he try to show that side…

  37. Regarding 19:15 and the "Maxwell popped champagne because fees were high" story:

    > “Personally, I’m pulling out the champaign that market behaviour is indeed producing activity levels that can pay for security without inflation, and also producing fee paying backlogs needed to stabilize consensus progress as the subsidy declines.”

  38. Robert Lefebvre

    OMG Charlie is here trying to come up with a definition of "sound money" when he has been as slippery as an eel towards any definition of anything! He doesn't believe in definitions lol.

  39. If roger ver was no longer an obnoxious bully, then does roger ver cease to exist?

  40. Robert Lefebvre

    Charlie, if you ask 1000 people about "Bitcoin" they will not have a clue about the changes that Bitcoin Core made to the use case of the original Bitcoin and, so, have no bases from which to judge that the word "Bitcoin" today doesn't mean the same as what "Bitcoin" meant five years ago. You claimed earlier you had an issue with confusing language but then gripe about Bitcoin Cash people clinging to the Bitcoin name precisely to communicate that it is, indeed, more like the original Bitcoin yet differerent at the same time (by including "Cash' in the name). The only confusion they will enounter is if they aren't familiar with the slight-of-hand that BTC attempted so BCH people are achieving education about the bait and switch.

  41. Roger reminds me of a little kid that can't get his way. If Bitcoin Cash was the "real" bitcoin it would have been decided during the split last year. The market as already long decided the real bitcoin is BTC (The network with the most hashpower and security) Roger is just trying to line his own pockets with gains. Unlike Charlie who sold all his coins so it wouldn't be a conflict of interest. Roger needs to sell all his coins and maybe he will earn some respect. As of now hes just a scumbag crybaby. Roger is confusing people at by making BCH the main wallet and bitcoin when it is not.

  42. Gergely Oskolas

    Calmness vs. Reason. I do not give a tham about calmness when I whant to hear good points and reasoning. Roger won.

  43. Robert Lefebvre

    It cost $0.14 to create a $100 Federal Reserve Note. It cost 1.7 cents to make a penny this year, and 8 cents to make a nickel. Only one percent of US money supply is NOT digital so it cost nothing to create the 99% of US money. And we owe 21 triliion "dollars". Think about whether the cost of production equates to value as Charlie says (or as karl marx thought).

  44. Robert Lefebvre

    So there's a few shops that accept Lightning Channel payments but there are over 200 major businesses that accept gift cards bought with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Lightning Network is nothing but an overhypped gift card system. It is incredibly hard and complex (compared to buying a gift card) and the only advantage over gift cards is that a Lightning Channel is closable and unused funds can be reversed. But that is such a small use case as to be ridiculous. And if there was enough consumer demand for reversable or refundable gift cards then the gift card companies could accommodate with a few thousand dollars worth of coding.

  45. Robert Lefebvre

    Geeze, you talk about centralization Charlie and then you come up with statements claiming that Bitcoin usage grew "too fast"? According to your own internal metering device between YOUR ears right? You apparently are the demagogue that determines the right growth rate for Bitcoin? You need to study the definition of "hypocrite" and, trust me, that remains the same no matter how many people want to change it.

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