BItcoin / Cryptocurrency News – TV, Politicians, Playboy, & More

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – John Oliver talks crypto, Google cracking down, France is up and down, South Korea warms on ICOs, US politicians continue to embarrass themselves, latest in mining news, and much more !

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  1. great show love the laid back approach

  2. Vladimir Baldin

    Great round up of the news! Saves a lot of time and effort for me! 3NgD9N6X4snR2Uqp4BKZAWvhMKLfvEyTaj

  3. Congrats on the John Oliver appearance. That was awesome!!!

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  6. Василий Червяков

    Телеграмма монета лучше! Durod и грамма! х100 в 2018 году! ИКО

  7. Vjekoslav Jersic

    Interesting opinions Lark 😉 1DdJ5FG58rNYMpVZ5NakKSatMz1ckByiQv

  8. Needs some chips to buy the dip!

  9. nice one lark. concise and cheerful as always


  10. Id like some bitcoin

  11. Loved the news show again Lark :).. and your garden to 🙂

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  12. Like the channel and positivism! HODL! 13DgKH7ALuidDsMsAeXgZVS6i7oAav3Jv6

  13. Thank you for keeping me up to date on the latest in the Crypto space.


  14. Abdullah Al Fattah Emon

    Long live the Blockchain! 1NHyWWqu8wAtSkFt7RH42quBrT4Gp6LqgP

  15. Staying Alive Staying Alive


  16. Keep squeezing out that juicy news Lark!

  17. Thank you much. Love the birds in the back ground.


  18. Great stuff as always. I keep coming back for more!

  19. "That's happened in other countries….uh hemmm, Venezuela!" – Hilarious!

  20. Playboy yeah , show me love lark 19VTLwbB5W4icTybVMK3fpUFnZqMXRQTfY

  21. Thank you for the advice 😉 love your videos! Keep talking about cryptocurrencies…on the internet 😉

  22. As always, nice information Lark. Thanks14ZQWizMkeesWigdj4udDnohfEbMqkANc7

  23. What a mix of news….
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  24. When will you be talking about XRP?

  25. Heino van Rooyen

    Long live the Block chain Lark! HODL! 1FRHfv4oB8BHYWpfrPhZtwC5fcfJGL19K6

  26. All this talk about chips and dips and now I'm hungry.

  27. Nice one dude, inforamtive and fun at the same time

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  29. Hey Lark, love your videos! Keep it real =)

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  30. watch the last couple of vids from trevon james they make alot of sense i know his a bitconnect wanker but he has good insight good knowledge

  31. Best thing about $50 of BTC is in a few months it will be worth so much more!
    Keep up the great work Lark, peace!

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