Bitcoin Price Manipulation Investigation, The UN Uses IOTA And Crypto Will Be Safer Than Banks

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  1. Golem just lost all credibility by praising Ethereum over NEO, Cardano, Icon, etc.

  2. don't be fooled boys and girls. This is just another tactic by "old money" to scare us away.. Stay in the crypto game. if you're not in hurry up and get stared.

  3. So you are saying we should not buy any bitcoin at this moment

  4. Jose Luis Pernudo Sánchez

    About banks. The most concerning thing it’s fractional reserve. They create money out of nothing. Except the interest they charge for loans. That’s why we keep increasing debt over and over.

  5. Jose Luis Pernudo Sánchez

    I’m totally with you. It is frustrating.

  6. I’m surprised this isn’t all common knowledge. It’s obvious that fixing prices in crypto is easily done. But that’s part of moving away from the traditional financial system. Less regulation will lead to big players taking control.

  7. Smash up the likes peeps!! Oh wait your normal

  8. Amen brother. I been thinking why the F are we all still pegged to BTC? It's not even a good coin. The alts need to cut ties with it

  9. This Barts are happening since bitmex got big, so I think that they use big leveraged positions to manipulate it

  10. That correlation btc/ALTs has to stop or at least be dampenned

  11. This is exactly what I was thinking about but you're the first to video report on it, Awsome content

  12. Crypto is manipulated GET OUT NOW

  13. Innovative Developers

    I am not able to reach you via email. We have advertising Query.

  14. Such a insightful video once again full of transparency, un-bias opinion and realistic optimism. Thank you so much for all your time and effort you put into these videos. I really like these lengthier videos of yours as they're full of relevant news 🙂

  15. Oliver Schuchard

    Great content since the beginning ✌️👍🏻🙏🍀

  16. As much as we don't like the government, taxes, and regulation, I'm not seeing any comment on here that we can't have a completely free-for-all market and we need the government (the justice dept being part of) to save our asses. There needs some regulation and that is a form of control from the top.

    On another topic, I'm tired of hearing about alt coins needing to detach from Bitcoin and this and that. There is a reason the conversation of crypto at the dinner table starts with discussion of Bitcoin (it's not NEO, it's not Stellar, it's not any of that). You want those alt coins to go blowing up independent of Bitcoin they need to first gain the recognition even from your grandma. This takes years of effort.

  17. Somehow, I don't think they are going to investigate why the prices are not going up, but how they got so high at the first place… The "whales" are sitting on crazy piles of bitcoins *that nobody wants to buy*. They need to manipulate prices up and create massive FOMO so that they could unload their bitcoins and convert their virtual fortune into a real one. One word is coming to my mind… Tether?

  18. ALT coins need to move independent of BTC.

  19. FanofDocumentaries

    It's time to end their game. The exchanges and community need to solve this. That much ownership of Bitcoin DEFEATS the purpose of being your own bank!!

  20. Unfortunately, all prices are currently manipulated. We all know regulation is coming in June from the Senate Banking Committee, one thing I feel like everyone ignored was the last meeting when the chairman stated that there was no new agency created to oversee cryptocurrencies, the key is that he said the existing agencies, SEC and cftc, we're already monitoring the space. They just didn't have the approval to come out publicly and say they are the regulatory Authority, so today is just a jump start on the June deadline. Hopefully what it will do is push down the price a little bit further from Fear, creating a bargain of a deal and hopefully further enticing big money to jump in, I'm not selling.

  21. You have me Modern Investor need withdraws when you were gone

  22. Whats funny is this goober keeps denying and refusing to believe bitcoin prices are being manipulated yet this is the second story on bitcoin price manipulation he's done. Goober probably still believes in the Easter bunny too

  23. Your content has helped me immensely so far. Very appreciative for what you've been doing!! Unrelated question to the current video but what are your thoughts on first time investors focusing on ICO's?

  24. ever since the birth of bitcoin, it never lacked enemies like the DoJ. it once even defeated IMF… stopped watching at 1/3 position and went back to work~

  25. So US is investigating if people are manipulating the market? but yet they bomb syria on no evidence… can we let another country investigate? FUCK THE USA lol

  26. For what its worth they have been manipulating the metals market for decades and they have done nothing. The facts are they reward the big players like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan for manipulating the markets. Goldman Sachs works for the Federal Reserve to manipulate the market and they have the U.S Governments blessings. Don't hold your breath for them to do anything except to jump in themselves and participate with the manipulation.

  27. Excellent post!!!!! So true!!!

  28. Bitfinex is the number one scam website. There is a fucking button that allows you to do that. And exchanges make the most money in a bear market

  29. Aint that cute, UN playing with their tangle …. ahah too bad I have such a bad opinion on UN to go with this.

  30. Stocks, silver and gold manipulation for years. But nothing has been done. So obviously someone high up has some money invested in the cryptos otherwise there would be no interest.

  31. Salomon Markovich

    "there's no reason why these projects shouldn't be double". Dude these things are forks of ethereum and no one knows how to value these things, and they still dont do anything yet or produce any revenue yet lol. It's no secret that alts are just a way to get more btc. Not even a maximalist. I hold wan icx qash nas and a bunch of alts on idex. But at the end of the day it's to get more btc

  32. The investigation is because of the 2016-2017 run up. It was artificial and the last 6 months of lower lows/highs is just the natural “correction”. Everyone I know that knows what they’re talking about due to experience, says that BTC will probably test $3000 again and it could be Spring of 2019 before the next real bull run starts. It could be at least that long before real money comes into crypto, due to a lack of regulations.

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