Bitcoin Price to 1 Million Dollars – Is $1,000,000 Per Bitcoin Actually Possible? [Full Analysis]

After doing the math (in this video) It actually looks like bitcoin could hit $1,000,000. — Join Group-

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  1. It will grow to 5 MILL and grow slowly //or either other Crypto take over.. I put 2500 dollar in it… wouldnt risking more.
    Dont underestimate china … already 300K shops accepting bitcoins

  2. 1 BTC is $16,800 as of writing this comment.

  3. Anyone that understands a Bitcoin is not a coin but only a name that represents money as an image. A Bitcoin is a block of fractions. Each Bitcoins protocol is actually exactly 100 million fractions. As Bitcoin gains worldwide adoption and usage, these fractions go up in value just like company stock. Owning one Bitcoin, means you have 100 million fractions. Each fraction at one point will reach a value of one penny. When this happens, you have a million dollar Bitcoin. Owning a Bitcoin now is like purchasing 100 million shares of a company. Right now less than 1% of the world population owns any. Bitcoin is still in its infancy. It's a baby learning to walk.

  4. Good video but Don’t focus on Fiat valuation of 1 Million. If bitcoin got to that, then your WEALTH is high, but it won’t be in fiat terms

  5. Jesus.  That was fucking ridiculous how long it took you to come up with the math.  I would not believe a word you say.  AND, Bitcoin will explode when you can buy it through Charles Schwab, Fidelity, etc.  (within 2 years). Bittrex will be history.

  6. Control Finance Experience - by Crypto Cash

    Hi Coin Fomo, whats your thoughts on Control Finance?

  7. when bitcoin hits $1 million, do realize that $1 million (USD) won't mean crap. people in this space forget that the USD erodes in value every single day the Fed goes to work. Not trying to be a dick, just wanted to keep this in perspective.

  8. So forex and crypto market volumes are kind of a zero sum game seeing as how it's all currencies. I think for one volume to go up the other has to go down correspondingly which makes $1,000,000 seem kind of crazy but nice to think about at least.

    Either way, your videos are head and shoulders above any other guys doing this. Keep it up.

  9. In an exponential market it can happen sooner rather than later…. I always remind myself that some bigshot in IBM in the late sixties (under correction) said that there is only place for 5 computers in the world… 🙂

  10. taxman is watching .

  11. Waste of time. What was your point really. Whats the real actionable insight. What if AI goes nuts and destroys all the trading bots? That's a worthy question instead of talking about ugly interfaces. If a bitcoin costs 1 million what does it prove? That's theres greed yes? That people invest in currencies instead of the real economy? Yes. Hopefully people will just move other more sustainable currencies.

  12. I convinced my 73 year old mother to buy bitcoin last month. Bubble?

  13. This is for the chills:

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  15. Here it is! Thx!


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  17. Just do 5000 / 4.7 and ur there

  18. When bitcoin enter into its third phase, the bitcoin community will stop exchanging bitcoin for fiat dollars. The earth population is over 7 billion, So for most people it will not be about owning one or more bitcoin, it will be about having bits or Satoshis.
    When bitcoin enter into its third phase,  (1) bitcoin will support A family for generations, like one million dollars did back in the 19th century . Here's a good example of how it would work. By having a wallet like Jaxx.  All you would do is create A saving account in your wallet with (1) full bitcoin. When that one bitcoin increase in value your wallet will have the option to convert the increase profit into any number of altcoins, this way you and your family will  be living off that one bitcoin, and will never touch your one full bitcoin because it will be too valuable.  . "BUY & HOLD" you've been WARNED..

  19. I'm not following you and I have taught high school math.

  20. great vid,.. but heck, id be very happy if bitcoin got to 50,000 in my life time… as im 67

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