Daily Update (10/08/18) | As stocks sell-off, is bitcoin set for a breakout?

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  2. Plain and simple as always. Thnx again Nicholas. Tonight you reminded me of an Einstein quote I like: if you don’t know how to explain it simple, that’s because you don’t understand it well enough yourself. 👍🙏🏻

  3. I need you to tell me where I can learn everything from technical analysis to drawing lines and putting the colored rectangle boxes that the coin has to go through for support or to test. You are a little fast on things for me. It would also be great to know what coins to trade and at what time. You loose me. For me you would have to slow down some. What do you think of the trading channel? I would rather learn from you but it is hard to find all of them 1 thru ? I do trust you now where I didn't.

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  5. Trendishy Support

    Hello Nick! Very good Video! I want to ask if you know about Neblio (NEBL) ? I suggest you to check it if you didn't . They are already worth more than 17 times their ICO price and they have a very low circulating supply.


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  8. really was hoping that this time crypto market trades counter to the stock and bond markets. its not happening. there's no use case for all of this crap after 10 years. I think that the bubble is gonna pop and we are heading to zero

  9. Nice Prediction. You are great .

  10. Sales From the Crypto

    I think this person is imitating you on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-merten-2841938a/

  11. Not really. Switzerland is.

  12. Could you provide your general strategy for taking profits in a bull market? FOMO by pulling out too soon vs FOMO by not taking enough profits is real. Need some common-sense systems to work with and leave out the emotion.

  13. Mannatech products: Catalyst + Ambrotose = won't get sick.
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    I'm someone who simply likes the product having been blown away from it and thought I'd suggest it. I do not sell it.
    If you think I'm shilling… Monero, Nuls, Polytmath, Viacoin, DeepOnion, Phore, Groestlcoin, Elastos and Ethos. Ryo is my 1000x potential for 2019-2020.
    (don't get me started, lol)

  14. crypto will always plummet along with the stock market. i say it will break down. and will keep doing so until it reaches below $2k.

  15. Jagadish Lancer

    Thanks for the update Nick.. Anyone else notice ARN storming upward?

  16. Please revisit Substratum! Lots of goodies to come soon including airdrop. Get ready before Oct 15 (holding in non-exchange wallet).

  17. Michael Mwakazi


  18. Always solid info. Thanks for the update on Malta.

  19. Never use stop loss

  20. Have you read Ray Dalio's new book about Big debt?

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  23. You should talk about The Petro and how it will affect NEM.

  24. Fusion is the protocol that will be one of the biggest out there guys watch my words

  25. Electroneum making noise!

  26. Mightiest Helmutz

    I'm long. Gotta stay positive. There is simply too much good news globally. Even banks applying for blockchain, more VC entering. Long run this is too good at these prices, accumulating when i can. #passiveincome+btc

  27. Jesus, I think you said 'again' at least 200 times 🙃

  28. Why do all the content creators apologize for being honest to XRP holders? It's a little annoying, tbh.

  29. Hi Nick. Great update. Next time have a look at Yellow Cake (YCA) and Uranium Participation Corp (U). There are pure plays on the uranium spot price. I view that as less risky and less volatile plays compared with URA and individual mining stocks.

  30. Reinaldo Kalachian

    verge? seriously? you have 3000 coins to pick and you choose verge? i wonder how big your bags are on verge

  31. “ Life has no guarantees, Guarantees has no Life “ 🎻

  32. Curious on thoughts of where ADA and XLM are?

  33. It's an understatement to say the current value of the world's largest cryptocurrency pales when compared to its past glories at $6,700, bitcoin is down roughly 60 percent from its all-time high.That said, market conditions aren't the same as they have been in years past. Indeed, bitcoin's 2017 boom has brought new attention, and with it, traders and investors who are left wondering if the asset can ever return to its former glory.Certainly, there's no shortage of ways to approach the question, but one effective method is to look at the charts for historical patterns that could speak to investor psychology, and perhaps, yield valuable hints and clues about future performance.I also discovered the best way to make profit regardless of the current bearish market using a well structured trading pattern thanks to Bruno Goldstein for this method. Seeking new ways to make profit buzz **brunogoldstein7@gmail. com **Skype/Email.

  34. Rob All bitcoin crypto and entertainment

    Sounds too sure of himself, reality is his calls are no more than 51 to 55%. "must have stop losses!" Nate quietly mentions and surely uses every trade!

  35. @DataDash I believe Binance owns that charity….

  36. guys,check out Utrust – UTK coin, very very good project and platform will go live in Q1 2019.. similar to PayPal but with great BUYER protection layer,also great fiat integration system and more!! stack up noooow! its very undervalued and cheap atm, at 0.037USD.. also not a big supply and they will burn coins as platform and transactions go live

  37. Anderson Cooper

    Here's a no brainer…You can at least Double your money with Ripple XRP…It's so easy !

  38. Can you give your opinion and maybe a review of @opetfoundation 👊

  39. 한아시아태국


  40. Are the whales going to tank BTC before Nov.?

  41. Man, ETH is dead. For some reason, bitmex ceo wants to push ETH below 100 dollars. Also, it does seem more like a bear triangle than a bullish one. Also, it’s still inside the downtrend channel. Could it be a consolidation? We have to see it. Maybe tomorrow it will go down and have to wait to see if it’s a consolidation. Anyways, look at the big picture. BTC monthly MACD crossed and it’s going down. If we see any pump because of weekly or daily charts, for sure it will go down again due to monthly.

    Nice video anyways 😉

  42. I finally decided to buy into my longterm and bull run alts. I have put some 10% stop losses on there incase of a brake down

  43. Blockchain Bulls

    Binanace should list DigiByte and stop their bullshit!

  44. great

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